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RC Duty Details:

Your title is Consultant to the PRO. Please take this job seriously when you are up for duty as the Fleet depends on your input and participation for a successful night of racing. You are expected to provide 2 volunteers to the race committee on your week. One volunteer will be placed on IDA. The PRO for the evening will consult with the Fleet member on IDA about course selection and line setup. Please make sure the person assigned to IDA has race experience. The other volunteer will be placed on Lime Rock and will be asked to help with the marks. This might include both dropping and pulling marks. The volunteer for Lime Rock must be physically able to pull up marks.

A general set of guidelines for the Fleet volunteers follows:

Be on time. The RC leaves the dock at 1715 so arrive by 1710 or earlier.  You will see RC around Ida and Lime Rock getting ready for the evening.  The boats are docked on the East side of the main Pier of ILYC.

  1. Have the correct skill set. The volunteer on IDA should know tactics and the Lime Rock volunteer should be able to pull marks.  Please do not send volunteers who have no sailing background.  Talk with Ted Winston or Mike Marshall (Fleet Captains) before or on the water for their input.
  2. Communicate. If you’re on Ida, the PRO will ask for your input.  Also, if you’re going to arrive late, call and let the PRO know that you are going to be late. You can call the ILYC dock office and ask the staff to let the PRO that you are going to be late.
  3. Do not bring more than two people without checking with the PRO. At times there may have too many people out for RC.
  4. Although RC will provide life jackets, bring your own if you can since it might be more comfortable. Crew on Lime Rock must wear Portable Flotation Devices (PFDs) at all times. Crew on the bow of IDA must also wear PFDs.
  5. Bring the right gear for the evening’s weather conditions.

We are looking forward to working with the Fleet 50 volunteers again this year. Your input and help can improve racing for all. Thank you in advance for your support.  See you on the water. Phone numbers for all involved parties can be found on the FLEET 50 website.